Friday, With Links!

For two minutes this morning, you should do nothing.

Remember that post about not wanting to grow up and royal skank home insurance people?  This happened:

ImageAnd then:

ImageSo as you can see, that tiny crack in the wall caused all this damage.  I’m trying to remain positive, but I’ve misplaced it somewhere. On the flip side of things, the basement will be brand new soon and thank God for brother in laws. Still doesn’t help the stress I feel though. Sigh.

Take a step back with some 1920’s jazz.

I’m sure many of you are involved/familiar/entranced/obsessed with Pinterest.  But have you seen Manteresting? No? Now you have.

Writer’s block got you down? Try this or this.

Read one Dad’s letter to his daughter about having sex. It’s not what you’d think and I admire him for it.  Oddly enough, I take a similar approach with MD when it comes to discussing sex & girls.

Opening lines of poems by Emily Dickinson to not be used as pick up lines.  “Back from the cordial grave, I drag thee…”  doesn’t have that ring to it huh? I’d still try it out though.

Smartphones and living IN the moment. This is a great article.  A few months back I was at a Black Keys concert and while I did snap a few pics of me with my girl Ilene, I put my phone away for the entire concert.  That is, until the very end, when I witnessed a sea of glowing phone screens.  I had to take a picture of how absurd it looked and in the process, made myself part of the problem.  Just put the phones away and enjoy the moments!

I’m a sucker for those old detective/suspense novels and their book covers. You should be too!

Looking to learn another language but don’t want to shell out the coin for those other programs?  Take a look at duolingo! I’ve been learning French, oui!

Have any of you ever found a note or bookmark tucked away in a library book or used book? I love when that happens. It’s like this tiny buried treasure! Forgotten Bookmarks chronicles all of those pieces of paper, bookmarks, old photos and tiny notes found.

Stop being selfish and be grateful for the child you already have.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to choke someone out after hearing all of these. Hearing shit like this hurts. So before you cough up any “advice,” DON’T.
 That time the Navy SEALs RickRolled Noiega before Rickrolling was an actual thing.
Anthony Pisano’s place in the East Village is pretty rad.  He just wants to meet folks, so stop on by!

What Friday wouldn’t be complete with a little NOFX? Exactly.  Which reminds me of this video of Bukowski  before one of his readings.

Pea Shout guys and make this weekend count!


That Moment When… Now With Links!

Currently listening to: Placebo, Pure Morning

The other night my Mom popped in for supper.  I had roasted a chicken the previous night (slathered with hot Thai chili paste, sesame oil and sesame seeds) so I figured we’d eat that.  Yeah. That wasn’t really going to work with a family of four. Luckily my Mom travels with food and just so happened to have a Pyrex bowl of roast. I kid, she doesn’t travel with food all the time.

Anyway, the Hubs whipped up another brilliant meal of left over roast, which he layered with polenta, eggs and cheese.  Damn good.  After supper, we all piled into the living room to catch up on a little Ridiculousness.  Mid way through the show, my Mom asks if we’ve seen the cat dressed as a shark riding a roomba.

The what?

Holy shit. My Mom knew about something on the internet before I did.  APOCALYPSE! I honestly can’t quit laughing when I see it.  Check him out here

Currently working on my fall wardrobe and yet again, I find myself sucked into Modcloth for hours.  Currently lusting for this beauty

Show us the DONG!

Lake Bell just made my heart zing and I’m wondering how many ladies (or fellas) will get this tattoo now?

Design, Eat, Repeat has some cute DIY recipe cards over on her site!

I present to thee, Sir Murphasaurus Rex:


Raven Symone kicks so much ass.

$68 bucks for shredded sweatpants? Oh internet. You asshole. Or you could buy that oversized sweatshirt for $89.  OR YOU COULD JUST BUY ONE AT GOODWILL FOR THREE BUCKS.

I love Eat,Sleep,Draw

ImageOver supper yesterday MD was talking to the Hubs and I about how some kids at his school had no idea who Jimi Hendrix was.  I nearly dropped my fork. What? How do you not know who Jimi Hendrix is? Isn’t that one of those life requirements? Holy hell. When MD mentioned the infamous “27 Club”, they were also clueless. I think it’s time we start including Classic Rock 101 in the school curriculum.

The final would have one question on it: Van Halen vs Van Hagar.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had to go to the eye doctor. I always put this off a few years. Okay, maybe once every five years.  I realized I needed to go for an exam when I caught myself covering up my right eye at my desk to read a spread sheet.

So while I’m sitting in that weird eye doctor chair in front of the machine, I start to panic a little, because I can’t really see the letters.  “Does this look better? Or this? How bout this? And this? Now this?”

“Uh. None of those.”

He moved the machine away.  “You can’t see any of that?”

I nodded and then whispered, “Do you think I need…. bifocals?”

Guess what?

ImageI need bifocals.

On my way home, I started feeling kind of down about it.  I mean, I’m a few short months away from being “middle aged.”  Sure, that’s not that big of a deal, but I can specifically remember sitting at a bar when I was in my early twenties thinking, “Damn dude, that’s a long ways off.”

It’s not.

So to feel better, I called my Dad.  Who panicked because apparently when he answered I was all, “DAAAAAAD!” in one of those panicked daughter voices.  In the end, I wound up laughing at my Dad laughing at me. Good times.  My pockets are a little lighter and hopefully by Saturday I’ll have my new specs and should be able to properly see.

Fingers crossed.

Oh and while I’m on the subject of glasses, check out these mutha’s. If I would have known before hand that I needed specs, I would’ve placed an order! Seeing that  we’re also on the topic of vinyl… when you pass away, what a more kick ass way to be remembered then to have your ashes pressed into a record!

I think my Dad will be happy to know that I no longer want to donate my body to the Body Farm in Knoxville.  Do you hear that Dad? I want to be pressed into a record.

ImageAnd then there’s this:

ImageBecause we all would love to be fed sea slugs, right? Mmmm. Slugs.

Also, according to MD, everyone is obsessed with Penny Boards.  Anybody wanna sell me one? C’mon….

I think a body cast would look really hot with my new bifocals.

Don’t you?


One of my favorite things to do, aside from reading blogs and world news online (okay, okay- playing Tetris and looking at cat pics) is to click links that others have posted.  Seriously, it’s awesome.  I’ve found so many great articles, hilarious gifs, heart pounding stories, new bloggers to connect with and general awesomeness.  For quite some time I’ve thought, “I should do a links post too!”

Only I never got around to doing it.

Today, however, I thought I’d give it a shot!  Here goes nothin…

ImageThis story here looks like something I could get into for sure. Illustrated highlights from a mock 1700’s newspaper! The project is being hosted over at Unbound!

In keeping with my love of history, I’m thinking of buying this book here. Unless of course, it’s anything like Sarum.  Then you can straight up forget it.

Need a certificate letting people know you kick ass? Gotcha covered yo.

Don’t think of a “F” as failure, think of it as a one-legged “A.” Everything’s gonna be ok man!

Also, I have quite a few friends who are living a gluten free life.  Considering my own sweet husband quit eating gluten and sugar several months ago, I often try to dig up recipes to take to dinner parties or cook at home.  Sometimes it’s tough, because there are days you just want to dry hump fresh loaves of bread.  Or not, whatever.

I have a few go to websites, one which is the now defunct Punchfork (which was bought out by fucking Pinterest).  

Here’s a few of my faves:

The Minimalist Baker

Yummly, which isn’t always gluten/vegan btw.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration with your home cooking, there’s always the lovely Mama’s Minutia. She’s the one I snagged the butternut/pesto cheesecake recipe from. DUDES. MAKE THIS.

Considering my love of books & history, I couldn’t leave out my all time favorite recipe site, Paper and Salt. Nicole, the blog author, attempts to recreate favorite recipes from iconic authors. Brilliant!

Okay, enough about food, I’m getting hungry.

Don’t y’all just love Hilda?

I’d love to own one of these, or maybe have one made of my family.  If you’re not creating in some way, you’re missing out.

I still want this painting for my living room:

ImageHowever, this one is equally as impressive:

ImageRon Mueck, creates some larger than life sculptures.  I’d like to have one of these for my front yard.  Y’know, piss off the HOA.

Ten of the strangest houses. Although I call bullshit on number seven. Really? C’mon.

Think Mike Rowe is only the host of Dirty Jobs and a former Opera singer? He’s also a big advocate for skilled trades/labor jobs. You can read about it here.

I love these 8 Life Lessons from Man’s Life Magazine.

Oh my GAH, this piggie in an argyle sweater!

ImageI’ll be upping my game in regards to building couch forts this weekend.

Also, one of my buddies is the tour manager for Leogun. Who just so happen to be opening up for Kiss and QOTSA.  Go show ’em some love.


Alright, I think I got all of that out of my system. I’ll try to post new and exciting links every Thursday.  Which means you guys should probably call me Wednesday night and tell me not to forget.  Or we could just catch up, whichever you prefer.

Thanks to Nova and Kaelah Bee for the inspiration and images/links!