Who Am I?

I am an indecisive dreamer in my mid thirties. Mother to a teenager, wife to a stellar man who is an engineer and a closet artist. We have a dog, Murphasaurus Rex who is a legend in his own mind. We used to have a cat, Seven Minute Abs, but she wandered off about eight months ago and hasn’t been seen since. I like to think she’s still out there somewhere.

I am a poet, knitter and doer of all hobbies.  I dabble in cooking and have been known to force my family to “just take one more bite. For good measure.” I have two sewing machines and not a clue how to use them. Known to cut the necks out of ill fitting tshirts, cross stitch weird objects on clothes (floppy discs anyone?) and am a die hard hockey fan.  A Blogger since 2002, also an occasional pen pal.

I love whiskey, single barrel scotch and bourbon. Rarely do I drink beer.

You can find me listening to jazz on the couch, reading history books, taking photographs of the faces of statues, throwing all night barbque’s, traveling around the Southeast and building couch forts on the weekend.  And if anyone tells you that you’re too old for a couch fort, they obviously shouldn’t be in your life.

This website is going to be a mish mash of what I’m wearing, reading, cooking, writing, laughing at and dancing to.

It’s how I roll.



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