Challenge accepted

Five years ago, my girl Cat and I decided to challenge ourselves.

Not to one of those ridiculous Pinterest squat challenges
Not to one of those doodle a day projects either

We challenged ourselves to write once a day on our blogs.

Sounds easy enough, but damn, was it difficult. And that was five years ago.

Cat and I “met” one another through Blogger several years back. I think Miles may have just started Kindergarten when she found my blog. And it wasn’t until Miles was in sixth grade that we would actually meet in person (side note: Cat gives the best hugs, her dogs are hella cute and so is her husband).

The other night we were texting and she brought up doing another round of Blogust. Could we do it? Could we make it? The deal was set- we would try to write at least three times a week. Okay, maybe two.

I miss blogging. Or writing? Journaling? I don’t know what to call it.

I’m going to accept this mini challenge because I need a place to brain dump.

Between work, college and home life- my mind is constantly swimming with To Do lists. Really, all I want is a To Don’t list.  There are nights when I get home from work, that I have zero motivation to do anything. The enjoyment is gone and I must get that back.

So Day 1, in the bag.

Cat, we’re now tied.



2 thoughts on “Challenge accepted

  1. Considering Miles was about a foot taller than I was when we met, I really hope he was not only in 6th grade. Dude. 2014… I don’t know how your silly ‘MURICA school system works. Maybe 7th grade? What’s he in now? Eleven?

    I am having trouble getting my head around the fact that we did this Blogust thing 5 years ago. I thought it was two years ago!

    Hmm. You think we should challenge ourselves to squat each time we write a blog post? hahaha!

    Love ya, girlie!

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