Sitting here watching playoff hockey, I keep logging into my math unit, expecting to do more homework, but there is none.

I have finished it.
All the work.
All the pre-tests.
And the tests…

Which I passed by the skin of my teeth.
This was a very long five months.
I finished my psychology class in four weeks just so I could focus all my time on math.
There is still one more math needed towards my degree, but right now, there’s no way I could do it (actually, I could and I probably will take it in August. But I don’t want to).

When I close my eyes at night before I fall asleep, I see this:

Image result for complex radical equations

That’s right, I’ve turned into a Radiohead lyric. This makes sense to me now. I see the breakdown of the equation. The questions on my exam were a little bit more complex than this, but you get the idea.

Or not. That’s okay! My brain took it’s sweet ass time learning the setup and destruction of these problems.

I have a few weeks off before the summer semester kicks in. I’ll be at the beach for a solid five days doing nothing but sitting in a beach chair while the waves crash agains my shins. Boozy drink in hand. Naps. Quiet mental solitude. There is a slight possibility that I’ve hyperextended my brain by taking political science and American lit over an 8 week time frame, but hey…

It’s not complex radical equations.
Or fractions with parenthesis where the exponents are on the outside with negative connotations.
Ya feel me?




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