Overthinking in fragments

like the receipts
in the bottom of
my bag

now just smudged with
because I’ve put too much
on in traffic

there were mornings
where I’d jot down
the smartest
one liners I could

mayan belly massage
and saints

if I say enough hail marys
if I do more squats
and less internal

I could burst through
the social media bubble
with a tiny little package

and scream fuckyouwedidit

but I won’t
because it’s been a long road
we know where it’ll go
i know what it will be

so i set up shrines
and dress tiny porcelain
dolls with red ribbons


in the morning
when I say that one extra
hail mary full of grace
our lord is with thee
blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb


vacant like the tomb

come at me

I dig for more receipts
because I’ve put on too
much lipstick

and forgotten all
my poems



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