This morning I woke up early and headed over to campus. My goal was to take a few pretests in math to get those out of the way, that way I could only freak out over the next three tests I have.

The math testing lab was closed.

The math lab itself was open, however, it was being hogged by a bunch of AP math students and all the tutors. I’m assuming they had a big project or some shit, because it looked pretty serious in there.

I backed away slowly and headed to the coffee shop.

Local guy and I strike up a conversation. He offered to help me with my studies, but I just wanted to watch all the damn math videos and sip my espresso in total sadness.  Within ten minutes, the line to the shop was out the door and the place was roaring with laughter and chit chat.

Here’s a weird fact about me: Loud places make me tired. Seriously, very tired. I’m sure it’s the white noise aspect that does it to me. Yet, if I try to listen to a sound machine at night, it keeps me awake and makes me crazy. Take me to a concert? Sure! I’ll be nodding off within an hour. Want to have dinner at a restaurant on a Saturday night? Great! Just know that I’ll get those glossy, lost in space eye stares once they clear our plates. I even fell asleep while getting a back piece done at a tattoo parlor. The guy couldn’t believe it.


The coffee shop was making me tired, so I packed up my shit and headed home.

I’ve been sitting on the back deck for two hours now, trying to pass my homework so I can take the second half of the homework, but it’s not going well. I just get so lost on the last step.

I don’t want to hate math, but I’ll tell you what, I really do.

Let’s all just hope and pray I can pass these next three tests and be done with this class. If I don’t pass- I lose my grant money, have to repay the class fee back AND TAKE THIS FRIGGIN CLASS AGAIN.

No panic…




2 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. I can fall asleep in nightclubs. The noise makes me tired, too.

    I have never liked, or been good at, math. I want you to pass though. So YOU GOT THIS, WOMAN!! xoxoxo

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