What was that?

This afternoon I saw something bizarre.

I remember looking out the window thinking, “That’s messed up. You should write about that later.”

Later is here and I cannot remember what it was that I saw.

Not a damn clue.

Maybe it was a person I saw? Something totally weird. Out of place.

My brain is so scattered right now and I’m aggravated that I can’t recall one simple detail.


I painted my nails black today.

Haven’t done that since like 1993.

For supper I made a Cuban buddah bowl (or as my Uncle says, “So you made a salad?”) I’m trying to reset the way we eat. For years we’ve done the low carb thing, but I never felt satisfied and was hungry an hour later.  Plus, I’ve recently discovered that meat makes me feel queasy.

Don’t get me wrong- I love a medium rare steak. Just lately my stomach is like, “Bitch, no.”

So I went to the almighty Pinterest and started looking up some stuff. The buddah bowls are really filling and I’ve not felt hungry and hour later. With the exception of chicken broth, they’re pretty damn close to all vegetarian/vegan.

I’m still bothered that I can’t remember what I wanted to write about today. Hmph.

Tonight I bought some water color pens and I’m looking forward to trying those out. I also bought some new notecards to start writing letters (HI CAT!) again. I miss having pen pals.  I miss writing in cursive.  There’s a website I used to frequent called Letters of Note. I could spend hours on that site just devouring the letters of the famous and not so famous individuals of the world.  So eloquent and timeless.

I also didn’t make it to Day Four of my writing challenge.

Tonight I also realized there’s a good change I won’t pass my math class.  Time is not on my side- I have three weeks to take 7 tests.  The level of panic I feel in my chest just thinking about it makes me sick. I suppose I could always take it again- when I’m able to dedicate a half day to that class.


Until I remember what it is that I was going to write about, here’s this:

Rolling laughing:


2 thoughts on “What was that?

  1. I just choked on the coffee I was sipping as I read the image at the end of your post. HA!

    Jeez, woman. I have been waiting for a letter reply from you for what, a year?? 😛

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