Yesterday’s Today

Pulling into the garage last night, I noted that it was nearly today when I walked up the stairs and into the kitchen.
The two of you were sitting on the couch, strumming a guitar and a ukelele
Living room washed in a comfortable glow from the four tiny lamps
I kicked my shoes off by the air vent
and started to make myself a sandwich.

Between the sandwich and this morning,
I did not sleep much
The last math equation I did in my head
“It’s now 3 am, if I fall asleep now, I should be able to get a good five hours sleep.”
Six hours it was, when my son walked in to check on me,
The dog curled up against my leg
and the remote control pressed against my face

Before I swung my feet onto the floor
I rolled over to my husband’s side of the bed
and could smell his cologne on the pillows
he must’ve leaned across the bed to kiss me goodbye
that faint smell of sweet cigars and spices
lingered on

There will be no sitting out on the deck this morning
as it’s been raining and there is no sun
the morning has been placed on pause when the sky
stays the same hue.

I sat here on the couch,
staring out the window for a good ten minutes
before making myself a cup of coffee
Turning the television on, I watched a little piece of a paranormal
then suddenly the tv cut off.

That was thirty minutes ago
and I haven’t been able to turn it back on

a sign, I suppose.

To write this,
think that,
jot some to do list down

All while my coffee goes cold and the dog sighs.
I look over at him and say, “I know buddy. It’s the perfect day.”


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