When I woke up, I slipped on my sundress and walked downstairs to take the dog out. Stepping out of the front door, I was greeted with chilly air instead of oppressive steam and heat. There was the welcoming site of goosebumps running laps up my arms.

After feeding the dog and brewing myself a cup of coffee, I headed out to the back deck. My husband bought new patio chairs as a surprise for me last night. Oversized chairs with squishy cushions. They are, to say the least, delightful. I started to write, but realized my teeth were chattering. Sixty degrees at nine a.m. Headed back inside to grab a blanket.

Which is where I am now.

In an big comfy chair, wrapped in a cotton blanket with a sundress on.


2 thoughts on “Sweaters

  1. It was nice and cool this morning here, too. Although it sort of feels like fall is on the horizon a little earlier than normal, I’m still happy that our normal high humidity is gone for a while.

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