Morning Coffee with Steam

This morning I decided to drag my laptop out onto the patio to do a bit of writing. I have a full mug of coffee and a head full of ideas. There is a slight breeze, which is moving the wind chimes my Mother in law bought me. It’s refreshing. For the past week the humidity has been so thick, you can actually see it in the air. At night, when I walk the dog, I look up over at the street lights and the air resembles a bathroom after a steamy shower. While I do love the South, I find myself daydreaming of cooler summers and wintery winters. The Mr and I talk about that at night. Snuggling by a fire in the winter with lots of quilts, maybe a toasty fire, sipping boozy hot chocolate.

Ahh. Soon.

MD is still upstairs asleep, but then again, it’s still early for teenagers. School starts back next week for him and it wasn’t until last night that I realized I forgot to order two school books and his uniforms. I still have seven days to make it happen. No pressure. Now that he’s home from a summer in Tennessee, I feel this calm over my heart. Not that I worry when he’s with my family, but as a Mom, it just feels good to have your boy home. My husband has become a couponing wizard, which is great on our pocket book and even better for growing teenagers. Somehow I doubt those five boxes of cereal will make it a full week. I remember how much food my brothers ate as teenagers and my son is no different. How can one eat two helpings of spaghetti and then an hour later devour two bowls of cereal, a yogurt and a tall glass of milk? I’d barf.

We started de-cluttering the house as well. The front office has been a barren wasteland of buttons, spools of thread, printer paper, unfinished sewing projects, old books and dusty chaise lounges. Last year we moved the giant desk that was in the office down to the basement studio for MD to set up all his recording stuff with. The room has just been a pain in my ass since then. We took all the furniture from the foyer and moved it into the office. A plan to repaint the front entry is underway and I’m pretty excited about that. I read an article a few weeks ago talking about how home buyers are really into “secret cubbies” and what not. So with that in mind, we’re going to turn the hall closet into a mini reading nook or build a desk in there.

This house has been a long labor of love, I’ll tell you that much. When we purchased it nearly six years ago, we figured we’d need the extra room for all the babies we’d be having. Six years later, it’s still just the three of us. And all that extra room. It has been a blessing though- my cousin was able to live with us while he was doing his internship for culinary school. My Mom was able to move back to Georgia and stay with us while she found a place of her own. Family and friends never have to stay at a hotel when they visit and of course, we love to cook and entertain, so it works out nicely. The man cave is still a wreck from flooding last year, but we’re getting closer to a start/finish date.

Some days I feel like we’re putting all this work into our home and then we won’t truly get to enjoy it because we’ll move. But, that’s how it works, right? Actually, I’m looking forward to the future with my family. It’s an exciting time for us all and I just feel so happy and full of life. There have been some pretty dark days for me and today it feels great to say, “Not today.”

This summer was a fulfilling. We went to San Francisco for a week, hiked the Redwood forest, walked the Golden Gate Bridge, reconnected with old friends, made new friends, laughed, cried, ate some delicious foods, worked hard and relaxed harder. While I don’t want to rush fall and most certainly not winter, I am looking forward to bonfires and snuggling under covers in the chilly night air. I’ve been aching to go back to North Carolina to camp and our close friends have invited us to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail with them.

Well, I suppose I should finish the rest of my coffee and go lay in my hammock. This breeze may call it quits in the afternoon and I want to enjoy the shade of the pine trees and the melody of my wind chimes before they’re gone.


4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee with Steam

  1. We had a crazy storm last night, which killed the humidity here too. That was great, because I had our first play date here. We pulled out our inherited lawn furniture, and everything looked pretty good all cleaned up.
    It was a good morning. I have wanted to enjoy our back yard, but we just didn’t have anywhere to do it.
    Hope you enjoyed your breeze.

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