Taking Time For The Simple Things

This morning is a dreary, rainy, Spring day. After dropping Md off at school, I grabbed a hot coffee and cut on some jazz (currently listening to the Dizzy Gillespie station on Pandora). The dog is curled up in the bend of my leg next to me on the couch. Looking out the windows, the backyard seems to be glowing against the gray back drop of the sky. To me, it’s a perfect morning. Just how I like ’em.

Since leaving my job at the end of March, the daily ins and outs of our life have run like a well oiled machine. I enjoy having the house cleaned, the laundry is finally caught up, I’m able to pick up Md from school and supper is ready and on the table by 5:30 p.m. I’ve been able to work on a few projects for myself and read! I’ve actually been able to do that as well! The past few weeks have really let me decompress. It’s as if I can finally take a deep breath. There is limited stress though, please don’t think it’s all sunshine and roses. I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I said there is no stress, because there is a little bundle of it. Although, it’s nothing that’s unmanageable.

In two days we’ll be headed down to New Orleans and the pull that I already feel to get there is intense. The first time I went to New Orleans was for my thirtieth birthday, a surprise trip from my husband. On the second night there, he dragged me into a dueling piano bar and there in the corner sat my family and friends. They had driven eight hours to celebrate with me. Now that’s some serious love people! We’ve been several more times over the past few years and this time, we get to celebrate my brother in law turning thirty!  If this morning was perfect with it’s rain and jazz, I can only imagine what Friday morning will feel like with it’s freshly cleaned streets and chicory coffee. New Orleans is the first city I’ve been to where I feel as if I’ve lived there my entire life. When I say that, it’s not in a “I love this place!” type of touristy feeling. It is a deep understanding and connection that I’ve yet to experience in any other city. Thursday can’t get here soon enough.

Next up on my list is to polish up my draft for an independent publisher. I’ve been going over their website and getting my best work together. I’ve kept the browser window open on my laptop to remind me to QUIT SLACKIN AND MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. Seeing that this is an independent deal, I think I may have a better shot with some of my poetry. I’ve also been working on an art piece for a really cool jewelry maker in upstate New York. Although I haven’t been able to work as long as I’d like on it due to my hand. Ahh, the pains of love.

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