Looking Forward To: April & Beyond

April 1st is within reach and that makes me very, very  happy. There are so many great things happening with the start of a new month and extending through the summer. Sweet, sweet, sweet!

1. Five days in New Orleans. I plan on taking an endless photographs, sitting on the front porch sipping bold coffee & raising a glass (or several) with my family and friends. There’s also: the smell of the city after the streets have been washed, the way the sun peeks through buildings and iron gates, how the noise from Bourbon St fades into a quiet, comfortable murmur as you walk further from the epicenter. I don’t need to remind you of all the mouth watering, mind blowing food. And the Bloody Mary’s. And The Hurricane’s. AND the hand rolled cigars.  Also: the fried chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House.  Or my obsession with finding the food truck that serves fried raccoon (it will happen this year).

2. Finishing up several paintings and doodles. I’ve amassed quite a collection and I’m proud of my work. The next step might not happen as quickly as I’d like, but the point is, I have a small game plan. Even if it’s half typed up on some shitty spreadsheet. A PLAN people. Not my style, but hey, new things.

3. The school year lets out in a month and a half! Summer vacations are always the best, especially for MD. As for me, traffic becomes lighter, windows get rolled down to cruise and somehow, the music always sounds better when the sun is shining.

4. We’re headed to San Francisco! There are so many feels associated with this trip. It’ll be the first trip there for MD and I. I’ve been to the West Coast briefly (see: Seattle’s airport during a layover to Tokyo). Wait, that really doesn’t count, unless you want to be one of those “technically” type people. Which I’m not.  There is so much to do, so much to see (STEVE! RUDY! FOOD!). I’m beyond stoked. We’ve worked up a mini game plan, but really, all I want to do is see some Redwoods, ride a ferry, maybe do some ghost hunting and just hang out.

5. I planted a garden and so far…. nothing has died permanently except the cilantro. RIP tiny cilantro. I’m sorry you won’t make it into my salsa. Hoping that everything else I planted survives. I’m really tired of buying food at the grocery store and have become disenchanted with the whole entire process. 

6. Soundgarden & NIN touring with a stop in ATLANTA.  Be still my 90’s heart. 

7. Our friends are coming for the 4th of July from out West and WHAT! Pool party, star gazing in the country, frozen boozy drinks, sun kissed skin, awesome jokes, laughing (oh the laughing is the best!) and ultimate relaxation with friends. STOKED PEOPLE!

8, 9, 10: fun, fun and more fun! I promise. At least, I’m promising myself.

For example, last night I had to whip up some cupcakes for the parish fish fry tonight. We all volunteer with Saint Vincent De Paul and I received an email asking for help with desserts. No problemo! Thankfully it wasn’t with cooking fish, because I suck at that.  Anyway, I decided to make cupcakes in sundae cones (FUN!) It’s quite simple (fill each cone w/ 3 tablespoons of batter, bake 25 min). Bill helped me and as he was carrying the tray to the oven, two fell over and broke. He was upset, but shouldn’t have been. I know he’s been under quite a bit of pressure lately and I had to stop and remind him that it was not a big deal at all. It’ll be fine. It’s cupcakes, not coal fusion.

In that moment, I realized that I had begun to let myself become upset with too many “things” as of late. When those two cones fell over, instead of feeling angry, I just shrugged it off. I’ve tired lately of being upset over “things” I cannot change and decided to change them myself. There is no better time than the present. Quit putting off what you want until the time is right, because according to every Pinterest quote I’ve seen, there will never be a right time to do what you want.

The point of that little bit is this-

I am making it my goal to focus on positive, energetic, happy things from here on out. Get back to what it is that fuels me, inspires my family and brings us all closer together. Obviously, I love those moments best.

That’s what matters. To make a life worth living, not just to … well, you know the rest. 

Here’s to fried chicken, warm weather and all sorts of love!





2 thoughts on “Looking Forward To: April & Beyond

  1. San Francisco is NOT Montreal. Just saying.

    I still need to show up on your doorstep this year. It is my PLAN. It WILL happen. You will teach me to paint with watercolour…

    Thank you for always inspiring me. I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

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