Home Grown

Two weekends ago, I started my first garden. Granted, it looks nothing like the photo I’ve posted here (although, it’s good to dream, right)? This is my first attempt at growing food. I’m clueless to say the least.

While I was in Nashville over the weekend, I was visiting with my Papa and I told him about my mini garden. Which is currently in a window box in the kitchen. Sad. He asked about what I was growing and I told him mainly peppers and lettuce. He nodded in approval and then talked about plans for his upcoming garden this year too. 

When I was a little girl, he had this magnificent veggie plot right outside the back fence. From what I remember, it backed up to an alleyway and I can see him back there in pants, no shirt and straw hat. Story has it that there was a summer when he thought he had a rabbit problem as all his green peppers were disappearing. Turns out it was me. I couldn’t resist plucking those peppers off the vines and eating them. I’m hoping that all goes well for mine and if so, I’ll spend the rest of my summer building and planning a way to make a bigger plot to grow more food.  Our backyard is heavily wooded and with that, comes heavy shade. A slight downside for trying to get some sun on plants, but a major help in keeping the wicked Southern heat at bay in peak summer months.

So right now, I’ve got red peppers, basil, cilantro and kale set up. This weekend I’m headed to the beach, so I’m hoping to snag some more veggies (tomatoes, bok choy, mustard greens) and maybe some bigger pots to start the seedlings in.  My girlfriend Baxter had one helluva garden on her deck last year and it was really awesome. Especially in the hot summer nights when we’d sit out back and drink wine. All those tall plants and veggies around us made the deck feel like a secret garden. I won’t lie, I was a bit jealous and even more so when she’d show up almost every weekend with fresh jalapenos.

Of course, this could all be an epic fail on my first try and I could wind up with nothing. The thing is, I started a new project. In the midst of feeling like the world is suffocating me, I went out on a limb and said, “I need to do this.” Each day it’s something new for me. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed this garden takes a liking to me. I have big plans for the bounty. Which means, we’re all hoping to have fresh salsa until December.

Mmmmm. Salsa.


One thought on “Home Grown

  1. YAY GARDEN!! You can do it! If I can do it (ok, well, JINX does it) so can you! I have a lot of sun the yard for most of the day though, so I guess that helps. It certainly helps the tomatoes. I just decided this weekend that I wanted to try kale this year. I seem to like it baked (like chips) but I can’t find any decent looking kale in the store. It all looks wilted and like it lost the will to live waaaay before it was picked to be sold.

    Tried peppers my first year – they mostly grew rotted and got infested with stupid bugs. But I loved my broccoli and celery last year. My staples are now tomatoes (one regular, one cherry) and cucumbers. I can live off of those two items all summer. That and berries. Don’t want to try berries though because of the bees. Bees scare us.

    My new favourite herb? Lemon Thyme. It even smells good. I’m certainly do that, basil and mint again. Good luck! I expect loads of photos of this garden attempt since I take a ton myself. Can’t plant here until almost June though. And with the current weather prediction saying it’ll be unusually cold for the next three months, I’m not even sure WHEN I can plant Jinx’s Garden this year. Sigh. I need winter to be over NOW.

    Erm… ramble, blah, blah, ramble…

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