This morning at mass, the archbishop asked for money.
The priest explained how to fill out the envelope.
While a dvd played on the matt white wall next to the crucifixion

I thought about how

the Sunday before last, a Jesuit priest asked for money
for a new high school
He explained how to give.

I was only focused on the little boy in front of me,
who had his pants on backwards

I didn’t take a message with me
when I walked out the front doors
I only thought about breakfast
and what would be lost in the upcoming week

A week ago, while having lunch with my husband,
we looked over an email
and while it’s contents were exciting,

we stayed firmly planted

This was the first time in months I have heard my love say
that the daydream is getting close to reality
we held hands over the table
breaking only to eat tacos

Some times at night, while he sleeps next to me,
his arm draped across my chest
I look out the top of the window
watching the moon cast its glow
then I remember it’s just the street light
next to my mailbox

If I focus, squint even, I can make out a
few stars
only a handful of times have I mistaken
airplanes for stars

This morning, I tried to leave mass after communion
my husband caught me though
and I returned to the pew
to listen a few minutes more
about giving-

time, talents, wallets and forgiveness

Those last few sentences out of the priests mouth
hung on my collar at breakfast,
while I cleaned this afternoon,
as I watered my newly planted vegetables
and as I finished the last few stitches
on a knitting project,

I said to myself

that I forgive.

But I don’t think I really meant it.


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