Comin Up

Currently listening to: 2Pac

Snacking on: spinach artichoke dip with pork rinds (don’t hate).

On my commute into work, I thought about what to write about today.  It was a quick fleeting moment though, as I got sucked into Portishead that came on rotation.  So let’s just say this will be my free write for the day.  It is lunch hour after all.  Let’s do this.

Yesterday I watched several movies, a documentary and three television shows.  At the end of Jack the Giant Slayer, I helped Md with his math homework, ate some animal crackers and had to frog half a legwarmer.  You have no idea. I tried to fix the error. Pulled out the yarn past the error.  Tried to reconnect it all, but failed.  With one heavy sigh, I ripped it all out and started over.  Such is the game when you’re a knitter.

With math finished up, Md headed out to ride around with his buddies and I started the Salinger documentary.  Highly recommend it. Even if your family is groaning about the fact that they can’t believe you’re watching another documentary. So? I also can’t get enough of cartoons, mini chocolate chips and peppermint gum.  The show will run you about two hours, although it took me close to three due to pausing it a few times. Documentaries fascinate me- it’s your “in” so to speak. I prefer it that way. Being a peeper.

After I finished that up, we all ate supper, watched True Detectives and without fail, I fell asleep on the couch.  It’s been well over a week since I’ve slept in my bed. Maybe two.  I don’t mean for it to play out that way, because I’d much rather be snuggled up by my husband than awkwardly asleep on my sofa.  Around three a.m. (oh that witching hour) I was wide awake. My limbs were numb, my shoulders hurt and the dog was hugging my side.  “I gotta stop doing this shit,” I mumbled while I swung my legs to the floor.  I heard my husband (who had fallen asleep on the love seat) take a breath and say, “I knooooooow, right?”  There is nothing more hilarious than a person who is dead asleep and answers you.

I laid awake for another hour or so watching CNN.


I thought about my friend who was holed up in a dressing room of that Maryland mall over the weekend (she is okay) and that I haven’t seen her since my wedding.  I thought about how I need to get the paperwork together for my son’s upcoming high school career. I thought about putting all my books into alpha order, but then decided against it (too timely). I thought about our upcoming vacations and birthdays. I scribbled a note to call the tattoo parlor about my sleeve.  I thought about passports and licenses to be renewed. I can’t forget to mail that package to Canada. Or write two more letters.  Or edit those poems.

The last thought I had before I fell back asleep was how awesome it felt to stretch my body before pulling the blanket back up over my head.

My alarm went off at five.  I pulled my body off the couch at quarter to six.

There is a method to all of this madness.  I’m slowly working on it, I promise.

For the time being, I fall asleep surrounded by books, loose leaf paper, three pens, one pencil, my dog and my glasses sliding off my face.


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