Everywhere, All The Time

This is the line, where I’ll lure you in
with talk about love- currently and lost
another line here, comparing this to that
let’s take a stanza break


for artistic emphasis

Another line, stringing words together
Perhaps here is where I’ll bitch about the cold
nag about the lack of your presence
bitch about the ruin of my insides
Before I do,

let’s take another page break

(artistic emphasis)

so that I can yank metaphors out of the air

and place them here,

here and here.

This line is where I’ll compare some more

However, the next three lines




have been written and revised four times,

I omitted the original thought because it was
too cliche. Revise, Revise, Revise.







Here is where I’ll want you to get the point

Here is where you miss it

Another clump of sentences that may make you realize that I’m talking about you. Or maybe I’m talking about this feeling I buried. Or maybe it’s just the fucking weather and I’m tired.

Catch phrase placement here
Trying to be profound on this line
Failing on the follow up sentence here

Break up the last few words,
beginning now

right here

with an



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