I’m Gonna Start Tomorrow

Let’s all agree on one thing:

It’s COLD.

Newscasters are freaking out with their thermometers while standing on a city corner in their puffy North Face jackets. Some have gone above and beyond with photos of things covered in snow. Gone are the yesteryears of patio furniture piled high with the white fluffy stuff.  We’ve escalated to measuring snow with toddlers (and it’s pretty funny). Florida got a pass, being the only state to have a different color than purple, lavender or blue. Signing into social media gives you a nervous twitch.  Basically, this:

So let’s quit beating a dead horse and move along, shall we? 

Sunday was a big day, as there was the two hour season premier of DOWNTON! As I snuggled into the couch with my dog by my side, I heard a collective groan from the males who live in my house. I turned up the volume as they mimicked Maggie Smith.  Finally, I sat up and said, “YOU KNOW WHAT? I’VE BEEN WATCHING FOOTBALL FOR MONTHS. MONTHS!! EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! EVERY WEEKEND AFTERNOON! JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE SHOW.”

Hey, a girl needs her quiet time with British drama’s, yknow?

Over the weekend MD and I went shopping at the mall before leaving Nashville.  Two important things were purchased:

1. My new wallet with Rigby on the front

2. A pair of Mordecai & Rigby slippers

Also, if you think I’m an asshole for being in my thirties and having cartoon related items in my possession then clearly we cannot be friends anymore.  This show is the greatest thing to happen to my Monday nights:

I also noticed that the store had buy one get one free on cool earrings. I’m a sucker for earrings! The only catch was they were gauges to stretch your ears. I saw the panic in my husband’s face when he noticed the swirls in my earlobes. A 12g is probably the lowest I’ll go. I’ve just always wanted these swirled earrings and I’ve never taken the time to wear them properly.  This morning though, my husband said, “So um… about your earrings…”  I kissed him and reminded him that I wouldn’t go any larger nor would I try for saucer size. Pinkie swear!

Yesterday I also made an executive decision in regards to my health and joined a gym.  I’ve never done anything like this before and judging by the other people I saw in the waiting room with me, neither had they. However, everyone I encountered was really awesome, extremely friendly and nonjudgmental. Which is probably also part of their job.  I’m pretty stoked about the classes offered, the fact that it’s 24 hour and that I am meeting with my personal trainer in a week.  When the guy asked me what type of goals I had for myself, my honest, non thought out answer was, “I don’t want everything to jiggle when I laugh.”  Which of course, made him laugh.

Look, I love myself and my body. We’ve been through some pretty traumatic shit over the past ten years. I understand that jiggling is part of aging.  So are random chin hairs (don’t you even try to play it off like it hasn’t happened to you either).  My goal is to just lessen the jiggle.  Believe me, if I go out to eat, I’m going to eat. If you bake me a pie, I’m going to eat a piece of it.  I’m a firm believer in enjoying life and what it has to offer.  I’m also pretty stoked to have a stress reliever at my beck and call. Can’t beat that!

Oh and another thing! Yesterday I was listening to the Black Keys. During Everlasting Light, I happened to see a dancing pizza gif – just follow me on this one. I don’t know why, but seeing it made me laugh.  Then I noticed that the pizzas were moving in perfect sync with the song.  Don’t you just love when shit like that happens? I DO.  Here’s the gif:

Now go be awesome today and don’t forget, it’s COLD outside!


5 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Start Tomorrow

  1. Enjoyed this post, as usual. Love the first sentence of your third paragraph. Working on getting there too, because you are absolutely right and learned this way younger than I did…Never quit enjoying life.

  2. your not the only one in your thirties that has cartoon clothing or accessories, uh half my closet is comic book stuff, but I don’t just buy any product, it has to look cool and I have to be able to “pull it off-look good wearing it”, according to Danita. I can remember way back when she said I was the only person who could where a Spider-Man shirt, and still look hot….I love her so much!

  3. What’s wrong with cartoons? It’s all good. Alllll good. (my daily vitamins are Disney faerie gummies and they are sour gummies. It’s like CANDY THAT MAKES YOU HEALTHY.)

    I wish you lived closer (like, mega closer) and you could come to my fitness class because you would love it. The people, the positive vibe, the painful, painful (yet strength building) workout. It’s great. I’m paying money for this. Money I do not have because I am loving it THAT much. And I hate exercise. 😉 Thing is, if you happen to click with some form of it – even just click with a trainer, it makes a huge difference in your ability to get out there and do it. I’m the last person who would motivational speech anyone into fitness because I hate fitness. But I’m loving what I am doing now and I am becoming the Squat Queen and my ass will be amazing. 😉

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