That’s Not Blood

Coworker: “I brought donut holes if you want some.”

Me: (knowing damn well I don’t need a donut hole, but who can pass this up?) “Cool. I’ll swing by.”

I finish up what I’m doing and then head off in the direction of the donuts.  I open the box, grab two: a chocolate and a sugar one. I walk back to my desk, sit down, headphones back in (currently listening to the Pantera station on Pandora) and finish the chocolate donut.  As I bring the sugar covered one to my mouth and take a bite, I feel something on my mouth. I pull the donut away and see red.

Panic sets in.

“Oh my god! My donut is filled with blood!”


“Nevermind, it’s jelly.”

This is what happens when you stay up too late, have no idea what day it is and you can’t feel your toes because they’re frozen.



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