Give the Gift

Post Christmas blues
even more so when you find yourself driving into the office
a skeleton crew meets you, sharing that same glazed face
the heat comes on sometimes and you find a constant chill hugs your frame
while you type and type and type

The detox begins
from plates piled with decadence
cookies and pies
full wine glasses and frivolous spending.

The cheer is seemingly wiped from our chests and into an empty gift bag
to possibly be used again in 365 days. Unless of course, you opt for wrapping
joy with paper. Maybe a bit of twine.

The coffee isn’t strong enough,
the breakfast isn’t leisurely

Right now,
you’d like to kick your feet up
and close your eyes

Instead, you watched the morning break
while shaking a crick out of your neck
and sipping coffee in the middle lane
of the freeway

There is no gift receipt for a Thursday
that feels like a Monday
when you’ve used up all your
vacation time.


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