To Do: 2014

Before the wrapping paper has even made it into the trash, there will be talk of “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Another barftastic trickery of words that we all succumb to.  We’ve all made the lists. Maybe some of you are better at keeping to those promises. Maybe you absolutely refuse to make a list.  In either case, someone at some point in the next two weeks is going to ask you what you plan to do better in the New Year.

Here’s mine:

1. Be nice even when I want to throat pinch you (or possibly curb stomp you, depending on my level of rage).

2. Submit one poem a month for twelve months for publication.

3. Stop trivializing emotions.

4. Enjoy every bite.

5. Stop making lists.

6. Bring back spontaneous.

6a. Renew passport.


There. It’s a decent, normal size list of things I need to do more of, be better at or take the time to appreciate. Especially the passport thing.  I won’t jinx any part of possible travel in 2014, but it was brought to my attention that I needed my passport ASAP.  Which gives me butterflies everytime I think about it.  So maybe 6b should be: quit shelving your dreamer and bring her back.

So, there you have it.

Now, you know I’m going to ask, so tell me, “What’s on your list for 2014?”


2 thoughts on “To Do: 2014

  1. I don’t make life decisions in January. I make them in August/September. I guess I never really got out of the Academic Year way of thinking. Of course it helps that I went from GOING to school to WORKING IN a school. 😉 But New Year’s Resolutions? No one keeps them. If they do, it’s for a month…maybe.

    But you better get yo’ ass to that passport place or I’ll come down there and throat punch you.



  2. Cat- that actually makes sense though when you think about it. Maybe I should start making life decisions in August/Sept as MD starts school too!

    I PROMISE, passport is being worked on. Then we can ride trains and eat poutine while I try to speak French! xo

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