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You know that poem I mentioned a few weeks back? Of course you do. All five of you who read this blog know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I think I killed it before it had a chance. That’s right, I lyrically jinxed myself on that son of a bitch.  Everyday I pull the words out and fiddle around with them.  I conduct research on my back story to make sure I don’t sound like an asshole.  Turns out you can still sound that way even when you think you know what you’re saying.  Basically, I’ve been forcing this poem.  From previous lessons learned, I know not to pick at a festering wound, so I’ve properly shelved the poem for the time being.  I still believe the potential is there, that it’s still the “one.”  I’ll just have to wait a little while longer I suppose.

The other day I shared a poem with my buddy Joe (what up!) and do you know, he said it was really, really good. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t kissing my ass either and that he meant it (and Joe, even if it sucked, thanks for being awesome anyway!). That feedback gave me a little extra boost and I spent a few nights after that waiting till everyone fell asleep and then staying up really, really late.  And by late, I mean I’ve been running on three hours of sleep a night.  These poems I’ve been writing have a great, solid feel to them.  So this afternoon while I was at work, I took Joe’s advice, combined it with everyone else’s advice, well wishes and support and started doing a little research on how to go about putting some things in motion.  I ordered a few books, scoped out suggested websites and guidelines and felt pretty good about my “dream” so to speak.

I’ve been writing everyday, even if it’s nothing much.  Of course, I could write more on this blog in relation to what’s really going on in my life.  Some days nothing goes on. Some days, everything goes on.  I like the mixed bag days most.  So here’s a quick break down of what’s been up:

– The hair brush fiasco

– I hung out with my best friend and drank tea last week.  After catching up, we decided we’d meet up every Wednesday. Guess what today is? Guess where I’m not? The coffee shop hanging out with my best friend. I hate schedules, ugh!

– At work today, a coworker tapped my shoulder and shocked me. Then the shock traveled through my headphones and zapped me in the ears. IN THE EARS.  Honestly, I couldn’t make this shit up.

– I have only had one fun size thing of M&M’s today.  It’s been tough.

– Crosby, Stills & Nash are coming in concert. This means it took six tries for Siri to understand my muddled/lispy accent while trying the talk to text. Finally with close wording, I let my Dad know.  Tickets go on sale Friday and I hope to square away a set!

– I’m listening to Cher.

– I’m sipping on whiskey.

– I am out of cigars.

– Last Sunday I made roasted lamb.  Here’s the recipe for the coating:

6 cloves garlic, S&P, 3 sprigs Rosemary, 2 Tablespoons butter.  Toss this in a food processor with a steel blade and blend. Pat on lamb. Cook as you see fit (rare is best though!)

-I’m still in my work clothes.

– There have been several days that I’ve been so angry and the pain leaves me speechless.  I try to work through it by either painting, sketching or writing. Although sometimes it’s good to talk it out with your best friend over tea, because she’s going through the same thing.  Also, she gives the most incredible hugs ever.

– Why does laundry never seem to end? It’s like the worst party anthem put on repeat for the remainder of your life.  After awhile, living on a nudist colony sounds better and better.

I read this Top 40 and nearly fainted

– Also, if you’re wondering what my second favorite song EVAR is, here you go. My ALL time favorite song is THIS. Seriously. I cried when I heard it live the first time.

– Don’t we all feel this way when faced with opening a can of biscuits? This is why fresh is best!

– Also, I managed to buy a few Christmas gifts. I still want to go on a destination vacation during Christmas.  Or as my husband likes to remind me, “You mean, act like Christmas With The Kranks?”  Yes honey. YES.

– How is Train still making music?

– Over Thanksgiving, my Mema and I passed Keith Urban. No one was around him, we were just strolling through a quaint part of town. He winked at us. It was pretty awesome.

– I bought new underwear and bras. Which means for the first time in hell, I don’t even know, I match.  Achievement: UNLOCKED.

I’ll leave you all with this: GO BE AWESOME.



One thought on “Written Word, Lists, Gifs, Links

  1. Being out of cigars is a tragedy. This isn’t sarcasm.

    I also wonder how Train is still making music. They had two songs in the late 90s that I liked, but the stuff now is… just…trash.

    Anger. Pain. Speechlessness. I get that. Fully.

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