Foot In Mouth

You placed your name in my mouth
setting the consonants and vowels
gently on the fleshy shelf

Right next to the secrets
wedged between the
bottles of cumin
and jars of venom

I held your name
against the roof of my mouth
snuggled with my tongue

Loving it,
letting it roll around
the dark and inviting cavity
and patiently

waiting for the chance
let it escape from hiding

That moment though

When I should be able to
grab hold and give a tug

Gracefully pulling your name
from my mouth and into
the world

Will not happen

Instead, I move the secrets
dust off the hopes,
make curry with the cumin
and toss the venom-

All the while, moving your name
from side to side
while ignoring the taste

looking for comfort,
looking for grace

With nothing but the POP
of the cork from my bottle of

I whispered your name.

Then swallowed.


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