As I’ve mentioned before, I’m never without my notepad and pen.  Alright, maybe sometimes I can’t find a pen, but I make due with what’s near by (crayons/eyeliner/lipstick).

Friday I was driving home in the dark, which I hate. I leave for work in the dark, watch the sunrise in traffic and drive home in the dark.  It’s my typical cycle of life.  As I was watching the slow decline of movement ahead, I started to space out a little. A daydream in the dark or what have you.  Then, out of no where, a poem slammed itself right into my mouth and I was trying to dig for my notebook.  Only it was dark and even though I was sitting there in traffic not moving, I knew I’d never find a pen.  That’s exactly how it happened.  One moment, I’m staring at the vast sea of red brake lights and the next moment, I’ve got this poem jumping around inside me and I know, I know it’s going to be great.

So I did the next best thing and dictated the poem to myself via my phone.

I kept thinking about the poem the entire commute home.  Saying bits and pieces of it, how I could make it better, how I could put those words down and drag you into me with them. 

You guys,  I’m so excited about it’s potential.  Like the architect of an older home, this has good bones.  The beauty is there, the sentiment is there, the oomph to your gut, it’s there.

I want to punch it out right here, but I am waiting.  There is much to be mulled over and this time, I want to research a few additional points to make sure I’m right. 

The excitement though, it kept me going the entire commute. As if I was just reaching up and plucking the words out of the sky and putting them into a basket in my lap.  Even this morning when I looked over my notes, I still felt solid about this one.  Rarely do I feel this way about something I’ve written.  While the content isn’t one of those feel good things, the words… they are capturing it all. 

I’m stoked, so stayed tuned!




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