Day 07 Your Best Friend

Yesterday was pretty much a wash for me, as there were appointments and lunch and washing giant blankets at the laundromat and Mortal Kombat arcade games and tutor and supper and and and…

That’s not to say I wasn’t thinking about the post of the day though.  I really thought about the whole “best friend” title.  As I grow older, I’ve realized that it’s okay to not have one best friend. I’m sure many of you also think about this too.  Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you are that one person that’s had a best friend since you were how ever old and she was awesome in your wedding. Or she was there when your child was born. Or he helped you move furniture and was your best man.  Or they share recipes with you or tell you when you’re being a dick.  Endless lists of why. Endless lists of who.

For me, I have a very small group of friends.  Each of them is my “best” friend and for specific reasons. Writers, crafters, parents, jugglers of life.  Those in that circle are part of me. I love them endlessly for various reasons.  We help each other. We cry with each other and laugh with each other.  Embracing what is different, yet what brings us together.  My life wouldn’t be as rich as it is now if I didn’t have you guys in it. Actually, it could be pretty lame if you ask me.

I don’t need to call any of them out by name or make a list of why they are so awesome.

They know why and they know who they are.

I love you guys.

Straight from the heart


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