Dreams: In Black & White

This morning I woke up from the strangest dream.

The entire thing was in black and white.  I walked into a building with huge glass doors.  The door handles were elaborate mermaids made of gold.

Once inside the building, the hallway was lined with people.  Everyone was smiling at me. Some were clapping. Some had their hands over their mouths- in a happy gasp, from what I could tell.  There was this wash of confusion coming over me.  Who were these people and why were they so happy?  Why the hell was everything still in black and white?

I took notice of my heels clicking on the tile floors.

Click, click, click, click.

At the end of the hallway, was another set of doors.  They were wooden and I remember thinking about how heavy they would be to open.  Before I reached out to grab the handle, an older man with slick backed hair put his hand on my shoulder and smiled.

Opening the door and walking in, I saw my husband and my son.  They were smiling.

The room had dark carpet, although I couldn’t see the color because everything was still black and white.  I could feel myself getting angry about this.  My husband came forward and grabbed my hand, kissing my nose as he so often does.  My son came up to me and put his arm around my shoulders. 

They turned me to another smaller set of doors, which weren’t elaborate as the first two sets I had walked through.

I looked at my husband, confused. As I began to ask why everything was in black and white, he put his finger to his mouth, telling me to be quiet.  My eyes began to fill with tears and I felt this rush of excitement start to move up from my feet to my chest. Just before I spoke again, the smaller doors opened. 

The older man with slicked back hair who had put his hand on my shoulders emerged.  With him was a small boy wearing sunglasses. 

I shook my head, confused.

No one was talking.  Everything was still in black and white.

Without hesitation, I knelt down to meet this little boy wearing sunglasses.  I held my arms out.  He ran into my arms.  Then he removed his sunglasses, showing me he was blind.  I remember crying, but it was a peaceful happy cry.  As I was looking into his face, which was perfect and joyful, he reached up and placed his hands over my eyes.

As soon as he did that, I closed my eyes and everything, everything exploded with color.

I’m not talking like my dream was suddenly in color, I’m saying that objects were literally exploding with color.  Chairs, carpet, the color of the walls in the room were this golden marigold color.  I began to sob. I could feel how happy I was.

When the little boy took his hands from my eyes, my dream was in color.

He came in closer, hugging my neck and said he loved me. My son knelt down and hugged the boy.

My husband put his hand on my shoulder and I heard him say, “Now our entire lives will be vibrant and filled with color.”


Then I woke up to my alarm.

Rainy skies, making everything feel black and white.  I still feel confused by this dream.  I still feel tears well up in my eyes and my throat tightens when I think about the little boy.  I can see every detail in his face- smooth skin, dark curly hair tight to his head, small chubby hands that were warm.

Strange indeed.

I want to know who he is and when I’ll meet him.


One thought on “Dreams: In Black & White

  1. wow…that is intense…it’s amazing you remember all the details sometimes, then you wonder what the meaning is all day. I do the same thing all the time.

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