Day 2: Say Goodbye, Say Hello, Go On And Leave Too.

So yesterday I was suppose to write.

I didn’t.

The post topic for Day 2 was my first love.  I knew, even the day I posted the topics, that I wouldn’t write about that. Look, my first love is a nice guy. Always has been. He’s been married for several years now and he has two beautiful kids (No really, they are super cute).  When the two of us split, there was a dramatic silence that took place outside. The ending was difficult and I left devastated. Eventually I continued on with my life, just as he did. 

So there you have it. First love. Broken hearts, growing up and so forth. On and on it goes.  We all have the stories.  I’m also vague about the whole topic because I grew up in a small town and I know that some people from home read my blog. Not that they’d give a shit about my first love, but it could turn into one of those awkward moments where they may see the former First Love, tell him and he reads this and then it gets weird.  Or at least, it would be for me.

Alright so lets move on!

Friday I discovered a great little thing that I had no idea even existed, NaBloPoMo. Naturally I had to sign up (I’m still not an overachiever, I promise)! The thing that struck me about the challenge was the simplest of topics: ESTABLISH A HABIT.  Duh! Already I’m two days behind on NaNoWriMo and I’ve already skipped one day on my blog.  It’s like taking antibiotics.  You start feeling better after a day or two, you quit taking your meds and then a week later, you wind up laying on the couch cursing your very existence while wiping snot on your sleeve.

So here I am establishing a habit.

Do you know what happened to me this afternoon?  No, of course you don’t, because we don’t live together.  But if we did, you’d be around for this and it would’ve been even funnier.

I had gone back up to the grocery because I’d forgotten to pick up some black beans and jalapeno’s for the chicken tortilla soup I’m making.  Once I got back home, I started all the prep work. I’m standing in the kitchen, jazz blaring, going about my business when my son come out of nowhere.

“Where is your phone?”

“In my purse, why?”

“I’ve called you nine times and left you two voice mails.  I’ve been sitting on the toilet for like twenty minutes. There’s NO toilet paper.”

“So…. you got some?”

“NO. I have to go upstairs to wipe my butt.” 

And with that, he headed upstairs and I went back to prepping supper.  Honestly, what was I suppose to do at that point?  If I had been home, I could’ve helped him out with some TP, sure. The best part though was the voicemail he left:

Mom. Where are you? Mom. If you’re in the house, I would greatly appreciate you bringing me some toilet paper. I’m in the downstairs bathroom. Mom, please.”

Looks like he was able to handle it all himself, so no worries. Even if he had to hobble upstairs to wipe his ass.

This is also where I realize that we have like 1.5 rolls of toilet paper in the house.  I swear, what’s the point of making lists for the grocery if I can’t even keep up with it? I get distracted by body wash and doughnuts.  Ridiculous.

In case you were wondering, no, I’m not going to write about my parents the topic for Day 2). You would be happy to know that my parents are laid back people, who raised me to never judge, to love accordingly and to always do my best. Just as I do now with MD.  I may not stick with the list that I posted a few weeks back either. This is the wishy washy part of my personality I’ve mentioned before.  Of course, I suppose I should have some sort of set list to go by, right? Let’s see what NaBloPoMo has in store for me.  Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe I’ll do the list. Maybe I’ll just continuously free write for the next twenty eight days and see what happens. 

I don’t like lists.

I especially don’t like lists that tell me what to do. 

Unless of course it’s to pick up toilet paper. 






2 thoughts on “Day 2: Say Goodbye, Say Hello, Go On And Leave Too.

  1. Cheater! or something! Here I am following along, and you’re not. 😉 Oh well. I’m still going to do it. See my post from yesterday? A different take on first love.

    The toilet paper story is funny. I can totally see that happening. At least it didn’t turn out you left your phone at the store or something.

  2. I am so paranoid about being out of TP that we always have the 70+ rolls from Costco in the house. If I get down to 15 rolls left I’m out the door and off to Costco to pick up a new package. We have three bathrooms in the house now and I am scared of being stuck in one that runs out of tp. Ah, life’s paranoias.

    You and your son make me smile every time I read something or see something about the two of you. I’ll make it down there one day. I promise.

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