Yeah Yeah Yeah

Currently listening to: Freedom by George Michael

Drinking: coffee from a gas station, extra creamer.

So, here we are! Tuesday! Pre-hump day! How many of you are tired of the camel and his HUMP DAAAAAAAAAY Yeah! commercial? I’m not tired of it. Actually, it makes me laugh every.single.time I see it/hear it playing in the office.  That’s one of those commercials that will go down in infamy, no doubt.

You’ll have to pardon the off the wallness of my posts lately.  In order to prep my mind for NaNo and Blogember, I have to start doing blog posts like a free write.  That means I’m writing this like we’re actually talking.  Possibly drinking wine at my kitchen counter while eating corn chips at the same time. 

Class folks.  I got it.

Sunday afternoon MD and I came home from the Pride Parade (more on that later) and after changing into pajamas, cutting all the lights off and grabbing snacks, we took to the couch. Sunday was a scorcher and after standing in the sun for three hours straight and walking a couple miles, we were beat.  I’d like to think that these little afternoons of movie watching, sharing blankets and fighting over snacks will last forever, but the truth of the matter is, my boy is nearly a teenager.  He scoffs at me if I pull fuzz out of his hair.  If I do that shit in public, he’ll cut me a look that could kill.  I usually follow that look up with, “Oh. My bad. I made contact in public.”  He laughs, we carry on. 

So, MD told me he had a surprise for me after I said, “Netflix or HBO movies?”  Turns out, he recorded Moonrise Kingdom, our all time fave flick.  We polished off half a box of Cheez-its while Murph laid on top of our legs and did our own commentary. Wes Anderson never disappoints, that’s for sure.  Of course I realize everyone has their own favorite style/director/type of movies.  My Mom couldn’t get into Moonrise when she watched it with us the first time; whereas MD and I, after the credits began rolling, both exclaimed it to be the best movie EVAR. 

I’m hoping to catch The Grand Budapest Hotel when it comes out.  I know MD and I will probably go to another midnight show, like we did for The World’s End.  Anyway, trailers for the Grand Budapest Hotel are to be released on Thursday.  Here’s the movie poster that was released :



The cast looks brilliant (Tilda Swinton! Ed Norton! Muthafuckin Bill Murray!) and for some reason, this movie poster reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. 

Which I am now craving.  Mmmmm.  Ice cream.




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