Never & In The Trash

Currently listening to: The Patriots game in the living room while watching Ridiculousness reruns on the tv in the kitchen

Drinking: DECAF (shame). See: “When’s a good time for decaf?” NEVER AND IN THE TRASH.  However, I couldn’t locate my reusable Keurig cup for some tasty Rev coffee, so I had to opt for the Donut House decaf blend that I buy for my Father in law.

Supper tonight: Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I did tweak it a little though.  No one in the house eats gluten and very rarely do we eat pasta. However, Bill picked up a few packages of these tofu noodles we like, so I decided to use those.  And I was out of hamburger, so I used breakfast sausage. Aaaaaand I didn’t have 8oz of cream cheese, only 4 oz.  So, that’s how it happened.  Only, it wasn’t like baked spaghetti. No.  After 35 minutes at 350, I added another 10 min at 400. 

Turns out it’s just really, really, hot spaghetti in a casserole pan. 

Hey, at least it wasn’t another meat loaf fiasco.  I’ll have to dig that post up and share it again.  Who knew that meat has a grease content? What’s that called anyway, where it says it’s 80/20? Anyway, I tried to cook meatloaf and couldn’t figure out why there was all this grease and shit overflowing into the oven.  So I did what seemed like the correct move:


Genius, I know.

Anyway, I’ll find that post, it’s pretty hilarious.

Today, while I was stuck in some shitastic traffic, I realized that I haven’t been writing as much.  Or maybe it’s sharing as much? Either way, I have made a promise to myself to write for ten uninterrupted minutes.  That should keep you all either scratching your heads or deleting my web address from your browser.

I still haven’t started that painting either. Looks like I may have some time tomorrow night, seeing that MD will have a buddy staying over and I can just go down in the garage, listen to Skinny Puppy and go to town.  Pretty sure that art show is going to be here before I know it.  Nothing like last minute prepping, huh?  It’s how I roll.

Also, I have never watched so much football in my entire life.  My brother in law is staying with us for a bit while he gets settled into his new job and man, this dude LOVES football.  I’m going to have to break it to him that when hockey season starts, he’s going to have to watch that shit in the kitchen.  Hockey gets top priority. PREDS FOR LIFE!

I’ve finished off my decaf, feeling that I haven’t really said much.  So let’s just imagine this is a glorified Facebook post shall we?



2 thoughts on “Never & In The Trash

  1. I would much rather read random, rambling posts on a blog than on facebook. I don’t have time for anything right now. Why? Because I have added all this excercise crap into my life. It eats away free time. 😉 I should be reading school work right now but I realized I hadn’t checked out your blog in too long (and I KNOW I owe you an email!). So here I am. Procrastinating from school. Yep. 7, 17 or 37 – I am always able to find valid reasons (to me) to not be doing homework. 😉

  2. : Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti..Danita made this not too long ago. And I have the football issue as well, I record all the Michigan and Florida games, I have NFL Sunday Ticket so I can watch the Lion’s games and record them as well if I am working…even though I am a hockey fan, FOOTBALL IS AWESOME!

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