Links: The Sunday Edition

Obviously I’m a few weeks behind on my links. Bummer. Shame. Blah blah.

I won’t bore you with the details of our home improvements, but they still exist. Yet, slowly but surely, things are getting closer to being completed.  Saturday morning Bill dug a ditch under the deck and as of right now he’s painting the deck with a substance I can only describe as looking like brown Elmers glue with gravel in it.

MD and I went up to the bookstore this afternoon, where I mulled over choices, yet couldn’t decide on anything.  I used to be such an avid reader, devouring a book a week.  The last book I actually read? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. And yes, the book far surpassed the movie. I let MD pick out something and instead of buying more knitting magazines, we headed over to the comic book store.

FIrst up:

Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt

ImageI picked this one up on a whim, based solely on the water color type cover. The comic didn’t disappoint, however, I’m on Issue 13, so I’ll have to head back to start from the beginning.

Second up:

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics by Simon Oliver & Robbie Rodriguez

ImageI haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but it came highly recommended.  The first issue is on back order, so I’m starting with the second. I’ll keep you posted on what I think.

By now, I’m sure you have all seen that twerking video ….

Flavorwire hooks you up with 20 poets on the meaning of poetry.

Pretty sure I may use this video to teach my son about sex. Also, I’m adding “wangling” to my vocab.


Photo: "Soon." #staredown #flashlight #murph #hilarious

As if job interviews weren’t tough already, now you have impending doom added to the mix.

Sam from iCarly has a man. Adorableness follows.

If Wes Anderson Characters were on Instagram.

Tired of doing the “Photo a Day” thing? Scoot over to Rhi’s blog, where she’s doing a “Doodle a Day!”

Lorde’s voice– damn. I’ve been listening to her nonstop.

Knit long & prosper:

Photo: Knit long and prosper.

Found a new gluten free/low carb website: I Breathe, I’m Hungry. A little bummed that all the main dishes are pretty much all meatballs.

Also, BANTAMS.  Taking over cronuts and punching Bagel Bites in the face.

I tried this DIY fingerwave tutorial today. For the most part it worked, but I didn’t like the way it looked on my hair.

While I’m pretty sure I’m done having children, I’m totally buying this for anyone having a baby. C’mon, it’s cool:

yup. bill murray on a onesie.

Are you at a Hipster Wedding? Here’s an infographic to help you.

Sometimes fashion blows my mind.  Like these pants/leggings for babies. Take note of the price. Fuck off!

Alright fools, I gotta get crackin on the rest of my Sunday.  Making progress on my Bloodlust shawl, reading FBP, whippin up some supper and oh yes, BOARDWALK!




5 thoughts on “Links: The Sunday Edition

  1. Just discovered Lorde yesterday thanks to Buzzfeed’s 20 female artists under 20. She was one of three I really liked from that article. Her hair. Wowza. She’s 16. I hate my life right now. ;P

    People need to stop using the word “twerk”. I swear it fills me with homicidal rage when I hear it. JUST STOP.

      • hahaha , actually I’ve been buying the collections lately so i can get the whole storylines in on book, its a whole lot cheaper, i had to stop buying individual comics. I’m probably going to post comic reviews in the future, whole storylines only of course.

  2. Cat- Isn’t her hair amazing? I want to sleep on it! Ha! Twerk will never go away. Not now. It’s in the dictionary- shit just got real.

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