There Was Other Stuff Too

Lately it seems like I’ve been writing too much about the house.  The leak, the gaping (now closed) hole that had to be repaired, the fact that there still needs a ditch to be dug, and that there is no drywall in the man cave.  Or carpet, for that matter. 

It’s true, yes.  This project is consuming nearly every waking thought I have.  Almost maddening really.  I suppose in a way it feels as such because I lack the carpentry skills to really assist my husband and brother in law.  Seriously. I think my junior high shop class teacher passed me because he felt sorry for me. 


With all of that shit going on, I did go out and do other fun stuff this weekend!  

Friday night, MD and I went out to the late showing of The World’s End. When we got up to the ticket counter, I asked for two to see the show.  MD mentioned that he couldn’t believe he was allowed into an R rated movie. I said, “I can’t believe they just charged you as an adult.” 

The movie kicked ass, to say the least.  Also, the theater wasn’t even packed- it was MD and I, along with some middle aged dudes down front.  We of course, took over the very last row, feet propped up and candy in hand. It was epic! I won’t say much more considering I have friends who haven’t seen it yet and I don’t want to give any details away.  🙂

Saturday wasn’t an entire wash.  While I did work in the yard, I also went to Home Depot a few times, just praying to run into the dudes from Yard Crashers.  No such luck.  Although something tells me if they ever did come out to our place they’d be all, “Screw you guys, we’re out.”  

It’s that bad. 

This upcoming weekend will be just as busy.  Family is coming in town, there will be more repairs to the house needed, the garage will be cleaned out and at some point, I might finish up a knitting project or two, take a nap, fold some laundry, so forth and so on. 

While I was sitting in traffic this afternoon (at 12pm none the less. The hell, Atlanta!) I started thinking about all the days and weekends that have filled up with things to do: trip to the beach, band concerts, drama practices, birthday parties, finishing the house, painting our bedroom, taking my Mema on a special trip downtown, trips to Nashville… that’s just the tip of the iceberg too.  Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then the birthday months roll in and holy hell!

I gotta stop, my brain is throbbing. 



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