We Could Be Heros

As I’m sure you remember, last week we had a little issue with some flooding in the Man Cave. Typically, I’m the one who remains calm, cool and collected in moments of crisis. For whatever reason, this time I was the one flipping out. We had no idea there was a leak of any kind. When Bill went downstairs one afternoon, he thought maybe MD had spilled a drink, only to discover the carpet was soaking wet. Upon pulling the carpet back a bit, he discovered black mold, rotting drywall and rotted frames.

Cue my freak out.

He and his brother donned those sexy hazmat suits and went at the room. Friday I came home from work and pulled into the garage. As I walked into the smallish doorway to go up the side steps that lead into the kitchen, I noticed the Man Cave door was open.

My mouth was agape.

The drywall was gone. All of it.

I heard Bill rustling upstairs in the kitchen and he came down to meet me. He calmly explained that he took the day off to take care of the drywall and rotting frame issue. I began to cry. It’s so overwhelming.

What happened was, there’s a leak in the foundation. Later on in the evening as the rain rolled in, I watched it pool outside the house and then, I watched it cascade from outside to inside our house. I choked back sobs and my husband, sensing my impending breakdown, suggested we all go out for hot wings. I knew he was trying to lift my spirits, but all I could think about was the enormity of what we had to do.

This morning, we slept in a little and then headed outside to get to work. A few summers back, Bill scored some antique bricks that are about 150 years old. He and his brother built this beautiful patio right below the deck. We put the iron table and chairs out there, built up the fire pit and really loved to sit out there with our friends and drink wine.

Today, we dug it up. I didn’t cry, but I felt it brewing inside me.
photo (4)

This is a quick view over the side of the upper deck. Baxter’s husband Jason came over to help with the demolition. It took just a little over an hour to remove all the bricks, patio stones and sand to the other side of the yard. It wasn’t the back breaking work that bothered me, it was just steamy outside. Steamy and living in the woods means one thing: mosquitos. It also means that I was wearing thick socks, pants, an undershirt and a long sleeved shirt. I was roasting:

photo (3)Covered in dirt and mud! I made it until about 3pm out in the yard and then I gracefully bowed out.  Seeing that the patio had been removed, it was then onto a more daunting task:  removing the dirt away from the house to see what the hell was going on.  Turns out we found a mystery catch basin that was completely covered by dirt.  That may explain why the water run off had no where to go.  Once the guys got the dirt moved off, it was time to start checking the damage to the hardy board and underneath.

photo (2)Turns out, shit was rotted.  And what’s that? You can see into the basement from the outside? UGH.  Just kill me now.  Bill had to remove three boards up to really see what the hell was going on.  So  that led to this:

photo (1)I had walked outside to see what was going on and had to go back in.  I don’t suffer from panic attacks or anything like that, but this shit right here is stressing me out.  Currently Bill and his brother have everything under control and actually are almost finished.  Thank God they know what they’re doing around here.

With all that’s happened in the past two weeks, it took us no time to figure out our next plan of action.  Bill and I were laying in bed one night, when we decided that we’d sell this place.  It really does break my heart.  I love our house, our backyard, the way we’ve made it our home.  But it’s time.  We bought this place thinking we’d have more kids.  While we don’t, we have been able to help out family who needed a place to live while transitioning into college, new jobs or new homes.  So I suppose there’s a reason for us finding our dream home when we did.

Hopefully within the next year and a half, we’ll have finally put the finishing touches on a place that we’ve made so many memories in and move on to the next great adventure:  a townhouse somewhere in the city right as our son enters high school.



3 thoughts on “We Could Be Heros

  1. Oh wow, that’s a hell of a lot of work. Good thing you were able to do the work. Might be too late, but can you get any money from Insurance?

    Sorry you’re selling but the house has been good. Will the city mean closer to work? less commute? nice schools?

    hang in there, it will be better.

    • No insurance help as it’s considered bad construction. Insane, right?

      We’ll start looking in the city we’re in now, not Atlanta. Better high school options for MD.

      How’s the Classic Rock 101 going with your boys? 😉

      • bad construction, that sucks. fuck!

        that’s good that it’s not the big city, possibility for same HS as he would go to now?

        I’m a slacker, I played a little that first day. Haven’t done much more since. They’ve been busy and I’ve been busy. And school hasn’t even started, so the busy may be just beginning or continuing.

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