Friday, With Links!

For two minutes this morning, you should do nothing.

Remember that post about not wanting to grow up and royal skank home insurance people?  This happened:

ImageAnd then:

ImageSo as you can see, that tiny crack in the wall caused all this damage.  I’m trying to remain positive, but I’ve misplaced it somewhere. On the flip side of things, the basement will be brand new soon and thank God for brother in laws. Still doesn’t help the stress I feel though. Sigh.

Take a step back with some 1920’s jazz.

I’m sure many of you are involved/familiar/entranced/obsessed with Pinterest.  But have you seen Manteresting? No? Now you have.

Writer’s block got you down? Try this or this.

Read one Dad’s letter to his daughter about having sex. It’s not what you’d think and I admire him for it.  Oddly enough, I take a similar approach with MD when it comes to discussing sex & girls.

Opening lines of poems by Emily Dickinson to not be used as pick up lines.  “Back from the cordial grave, I drag thee…”  doesn’t have that ring to it huh? I’d still try it out though.

Smartphones and living IN the moment. This is a great article.  A few months back I was at a Black Keys concert and while I did snap a few pics of me with my girl Ilene, I put my phone away for the entire concert.  That is, until the very end, when I witnessed a sea of glowing phone screens.  I had to take a picture of how absurd it looked and in the process, made myself part of the problem.  Just put the phones away and enjoy the moments!

I’m a sucker for those old detective/suspense novels and their book covers. You should be too!

Looking to learn another language but don’t want to shell out the coin for those other programs?  Take a look at duolingo! I’ve been learning French, oui!

Have any of you ever found a note or bookmark tucked away in a library book or used book? I love when that happens. It’s like this tiny buried treasure! Forgotten Bookmarks chronicles all of those pieces of paper, bookmarks, old photos and tiny notes found.

Stop being selfish and be grateful for the child you already have.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to choke someone out after hearing all of these. Hearing shit like this hurts. So before you cough up any “advice,” DON’T.
 That time the Navy SEALs RickRolled Noiega before Rickrolling was an actual thing.
Anthony Pisano’s place in the East Village is pretty rad.  He just wants to meet folks, so stop on by!

What Friday wouldn’t be complete with a little NOFX? Exactly.  Which reminds me of this video of Bukowski  before one of his readings.

Pea Shout guys and make this weekend count!


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