One of my favorite things to do, aside from reading blogs and world news online (okay, okay- playing Tetris and looking at cat pics) is to click links that others have posted.  Seriously, it’s awesome.  I’ve found so many great articles, hilarious gifs, heart pounding stories, new bloggers to connect with and general awesomeness.  For quite some time I’ve thought, “I should do a links post too!”

Only I never got around to doing it.

Today, however, I thought I’d give it a shot!  Here goes nothin…

ImageThis story here looks like something I could get into for sure. Illustrated highlights from a mock 1700’s newspaper! The project is being hosted over at Unbound!

In keeping with my love of history, I’m thinking of buying this book here. Unless of course, it’s anything like Sarum.  Then you can straight up forget it.

Need a certificate letting people know you kick ass? Gotcha covered yo.

Don’t think of a “F” as failure, think of it as a one-legged “A.” Everything’s gonna be ok man!

Also, I have quite a few friends who are living a gluten free life.  Considering my own sweet husband quit eating gluten and sugar several months ago, I often try to dig up recipes to take to dinner parties or cook at home.  Sometimes it’s tough, because there are days you just want to dry hump fresh loaves of bread.  Or not, whatever.

I have a few go to websites, one which is the now defunct Punchfork (which was bought out by fucking Pinterest).  

Here’s a few of my faves:

The Minimalist Baker

Yummly, which isn’t always gluten/vegan btw.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration with your home cooking, there’s always the lovely Mama’s Minutia. She’s the one I snagged the butternut/pesto cheesecake recipe from. DUDES. MAKE THIS.

Considering my love of books & history, I couldn’t leave out my all time favorite recipe site, Paper and Salt. Nicole, the blog author, attempts to recreate favorite recipes from iconic authors. Brilliant!

Okay, enough about food, I’m getting hungry.

Don’t y’all just love Hilda?

I’d love to own one of these, or maybe have one made of my family.  If you’re not creating in some way, you’re missing out.

I still want this painting for my living room:

ImageHowever, this one is equally as impressive:

ImageRon Mueck, creates some larger than life sculptures.  I’d like to have one of these for my front yard.  Y’know, piss off the HOA.

Ten of the strangest houses. Although I call bullshit on number seven. Really? C’mon.

Think Mike Rowe is only the host of Dirty Jobs and a former Opera singer? He’s also a big advocate for skilled trades/labor jobs. You can read about it here.

I love these 8 Life Lessons from Man’s Life Magazine.

Oh my GAH, this piggie in an argyle sweater!

ImageI’ll be upping my game in regards to building couch forts this weekend.

Also, one of my buddies is the tour manager for Leogun. Who just so happen to be opening up for Kiss and QOTSA.  Go show ’em some love.


Alright, I think I got all of that out of my system. I’ll try to post new and exciting links every Thursday.  Which means you guys should probably call me Wednesday night and tell me not to forget.  Or we could just catch up, whichever you prefer.

Thanks to Nova and Kaelah Bee for the inspiration and images/links!


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