Meddling Words, Pesky Progress

Ahh, the dreaded “Work In Progress.”

This little tag, which I’ve always shorted to wip (I’m sure many have), has followed me for years now.  I think it began back with NaNoWriMo (I even winced when I just typed that by the way) and continued on through everything I’ve ever started. Included knitting, quilting, short stories, yard work, laundry… you get the idea.

Back a few months ago, I submitted several poems to a contest. Grand prize is 3K and a trip to NYC to meet with an editor. So naturally, I waited up until the last possible minute to polish up my words. Is this where I should say I made a turd shine? Probably.  Writing is difficult. Anyone who says it’s easy is either lying or writing horrible Mommy porn books (you know which one I’m talking about).  I’m won’t know the results of the poetry contest until October- how horrible! Who would want to wait month on end? Wait- I’m currently doing this.  Duh.

Most of you know that I write everyday. I’m not sure if I have any new lurkers/peepers/readers out there, so there are times where I feel like I’m rehashing the obvious.  Anyway, let’s keep this train rolling.  I write, everyday.  In the past two months I’ve filled three smallish notebooks, I have a stack of napkins with scribble on them and thank God for Twitter.  It’s the perfect platform for me to punch out a fleeting thought when I can’t scramble fast enough to pen and paper at the bottom of my purse.  The beautiful thing about writing poetry is that I am the only one who knows who it’s about, what it’s addressing and what pain I’m trying to mask. Otherwise, it’s all on you and what you take from reading my words.

As far as the pain in writing, isn’t that where the true beauty in art (any form) lies? I believe so. I have to, at times, remove myself and tap into a side of me that I keep hidden from everyone in order to write.

The thing is, I’m looking at all these notebooks, napkins and receipts and I just have no idea where to begin with them.  Lately I’ve been imagining myself squaring away a meeting with a publisher and showing up with a box full of paper and saying, “Well, here it is! Have fun!”  Kinda like how you do your taxes! Or is that only me?

Maybe, and this is a huge maybe, I’ll take the latter part of this year to organize each notebook and scrap of paper. That’ll be the first step, then I can move on to the next step- putting the box away forever. Okay, I’m kidding. I’ll only put it away until I remember what’s in it.

How do some of you organize big projects/daunting tasks? Do you just dive in and get at it or is there some secret formula that I wasn’t given? Please, by all means, let me know your secrets!  In the meantime, let me share a few wips’ with y’all:

This garden of despair, these rows of sickness

They grow deep within my bones

There is no spring or summer

inside me

I am, internally,

a desolate tundra

Okay, that one was kind of a Debbie Downer. Let’s try that again:

I’m wading mouth deep into stack of paragraphs that make me want to undress and have you growl into me.


Now that’s a serious work in progress! I’ll let you know when/if I ever finish it.  In the meantime, don’t forget to tell me your trade secrets on organization and even what your Work In Progress might be!


One thought on “Meddling Words, Pesky Progress

  1. “There is no spring or summer

    inside me

    I am, internally,

    a desolate tundra”

    OH MY GOSH. My soul just wept. Gah. xoxoxo

    How do I organize daunting projects? Rubbermaid bins and closets. It’s awful. I used to be so on top of projects and photo albums and journals and everything and the last 5 years or so… nope. Started after we got married (Gods.. that’s EIGHT years ago, then!) when I just couldn’t find the energy to organize all the wedding photos and memories. Oops.

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