Writer Fail

Y’know, over the weekend, everytime I did something I thought, “Man, I need to remember to write about that.”  You see how well that worked for me.  Yet, I didn’t forget!  So let me do a quick recap. 

Friday:  Came home from work after battling traffic and out running a thunderstorm. I know I did stuff, but uh.. oh wait.. no, I didn’t do anything. The Hubs and I laid on the couch, snuggling, watching movies

Saturday: I was up at 7 am (gross), ran up to the grocery, made breakfast. This is when the cooking began. Oh yes.  I made these smoked salmon/scrambled egg stuffed tomatoes. Only, after I sat down with the Hubs to eat, I remembered that he doesn’t like tomatoes that way. How in the hell do you forget something like that? I mean, it’s not like we’re dating! Shit, we’ve been together for over six years and I just space out? My bad honey. He ate the inside stuffing part though. 

Then the two of us decided to crack down on our house. Big time. This means I moved appliances, cleaned out cabinets, cleaned with probably not eco friendly cleaners in spray bottles and then, after it was all done, I made whoopie pies! Hot damn! They were really decadent too. As in, I only took one bite and was like, “Yep, I’m good.”  That’s saying alot, because when I’m on my period, I sneak out to CVS and inhale bags of M&Ms in the parking lot while crying because I just ate said bag of M&Ms. It’s a vicious cycle, yet, my husband respects my crutch.

Saturday afternoon I spent hanging out at knit group. I haven’t been able to go since before school was out (May! WTH!). Seeing that my best friends birthday was earlier in the week, I took the whoopie pies with me and on the way stopped to buy her some super fab squishy yarn. YAY for yarn! I also um… had to buy myself something too. Heh. In true fashion, our group was loud, lively and full of inappropriate jokes. Which reminds me, I forgot to get the quote of the day! Dang. 

After all that excitement, I headed back to the house to finish up some side projects and the hubs and I kicked it to a late night showing of Despicable Me 2. Thank God we had a gift card that we found in a junk drawer. Can you believe how much it costs to go to a show? Holy balls. Once we were in the theatre, a family came in with like six kids and I felt my own butthole tighten.  I started doing the math in my head and if it was me, I’d be all, “Hell no we ain’t going to the movies. You can wait till it’s on DVR!” 

Sunday we slept till noon. NOON! It was like college all over again- except I wasn’t hungover and I knew my husband. Oh my gosh, I kid! I kid! Calm your tits people.  We spent the rest of the day painting, doing some fun projects, making out and then we ate pizza. I shouldn’t have eaten the pizza- heartburn! Disgusting. Disgustingly good at the time though.  Eventually the day creeped to night and we finished off with some Ray Donovan and decaf coffee.  Cause we’re rebels.  BOOM.

When I get home tonight, I’ll post pictures of all the food and fun. 

Unless of course, I forget and wind up watching 30 episodes of Cops.


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