On The Menu:

Last night the Hubs and I spent some time cleaning out the kitchen.  Well, it didn’t really start out that way. We were downstairs first cleaning out the man cave (a basement room where MD hangs out when his friends come over), which then prompted us to start cleaning up the kitchen a bit once we dragged up eighteen pairs of tan socks.

I was standing at the counter, pondering how in the hell we wound up with three coffee pots, three food processors, two espresso machines and eight 13×9 glass casserole pans. What started out as moving some magazines, wound up being a mass exodus of appliances, cook books and pens.

In between the cleaning, I began to thumb through some cookbooks I have.  Okay, “some” is really more like a small library.  If you need to make something, anything, let me know. I bet I’ve got the recipe in a book for it.  There’s the Newlywed cookbook (it’s meh), an Indian cookbook, Ultimate Italian, chocolate lovers, appetizers, soups, mini foods, cupcakes, Polish, Amish oh and even one from Trisha Yearwood (that’s some good eats right there).


I began thumbing through one of my go to’s:  The 100 Calorie Cookbook.

Maybe it was because I was starving and had eaten half of a protein bar for supper, but everything looked delicious.  Even the mushroom pate. Sort of.  I compiled a list of what I wanted to make this week for suppers and snacks.  I’m totally into getting Bento Boxes for everyone’s lunches this year, so tiny foods and foods that require no reheating are game for me.

First up:

Oven Baked Eggs with Tomato Salsa!

Basically you’re going to make a homemade salsa, place a little in a ramekin, crack an egg over the top, bake that shizz up and then top with more salsa.  WIN!

Next is the Zucchini, Carrot & Tomato Frittata.  Slice up your veggies, whip up some eggs in a pan, when slightly set, add your veggies and cheese!

Then there’s the Salmon Scramble! You’ll gut a few tomatoes, take the flesh, set aside to scramble with some eggs & salmon.  While you’re doing that, broil up those tomatoes.  Once finished, scoop your salmon scramble back into the tomato.

Do you see a theme?

After tallying my grocery list, I realized I’m going to buy 14 tomatoes.  That’s like the baker’s dozens cousin.  FOURTEEN? Yeesh.  Hey, I’m all about fresh and tasty.  I’ll probably have a mouth full of canker sores from all the acidity, but it’ll be fine.  No, really.  It will be.

Stay tuned this week for pictures, it could get crazy in my kitchen! You never know- I may just figure out how to stew tomatoes in one of my three coffee pots (weirder shit has happened).


4 thoughts on “On The Menu:

  1. I expect food photos all of the time now. ALL OF THE TIME! Do not disappoint me.

    Also, if you like food things and want ideas, one of my besties always posts a Meal Plan Monday post on her blog (sassymonkey.ca) so you can check that out. I am not organized enough to post a meal plan for the entire week, BUT I do get some great dinner ideas from her posts which I try at least once. 😉

  2. Cat, I’ll do my bestest! Thanks for sharing Sassy Monkey’s blog too! I’m following hers as well. WordPress is kind of like Blogger meets Tumblr. Interesting. 🙂

  3. True story: I named her Monkey and it stuck. She was one of my first friends in my first couple of months working at the university and it’s been almost 12 years I’ve known her now. 🙂 She’s a BIG foodie.

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